Cannabidiol (CBD) Chewing Gum and IBS Treatment

Cannabinoid-containing chewing gum, after its clinical trial has shown its efficiency in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. The CBD chewing gum was specially designed to alleviate symptoms of IBS.

However, the use of CBD chewing gum in the control of IBS symptoms is like the best thing that has ever happened to those suffering from gastrointestinal disorder because; its physical symptoms come with severe pains.

The CBD chewing gum works by reducing pains in patients with IBS and change in stool frequency thereby, giving their body system a general relief. It helps in the regulation and control of bloating, stomach cramps, pains and other related IBS symptoms.

IBS remains the most common gastrointestinal disorder that affects over 13% of the world population with no sustainable treatment.


I have been managing IBS for close to two years now”. I wouldn’t wish my enemy this one sickness. I one day thought of ending my life because of the chronic pains that accompanies IBS, it wasn’t easy on me as a mother. I found it very difficult to do my daily duties at home because of the pains. This gave me constant depression and anxiety; I could hardly enjoy my night rest. The only reason I didn’t commit suicide was because of my son (Jason), he was my only strength to life. My physician wasn’t making things easier for me either, any new medication that had little or nothing to do with pain reduction he will just ring me on my cell phone number. I spent and lost money because of IBS and was still willing to lose more. At a point, I became tired of taking drugs because so many of them had side effects, which was compounding my issues the more. All the drugs given to me to reduce the painful symptoms proved abortive, not until I stumbled on CBD chewing gum and its effectiveness on IBS online. I immediately sought for it and decided to try it; lo and behold, it worked on me. Currently, I’m a crusader of the positive effect of CBD chewing gum for IBS patients.


                                                                                                                                    ~Julian K.


The promising positive effects displayed by CBD chewing gum on IBS symptoms are tremendous, hence; its availability in a chewing gum form for faster spread of the CBD compound in the body system.

In addition, further clinical trials on CBD products on other types of chronic diseases are ongoing; make CBD your daily and only product for maximal health benefits.


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