CBD REVIEW: Following The Approval of CBD In Texas Amongst Other Sixteen U.S States Inclusive

Two committees, both in the Senate and Texas state House voted strongly for the endorsement of the bills that legalized Cannabidiol usage to help those afflicted with uncontrollable epilepsy, seizures, autism, cancer and other chronic diseases. The House of Representatives committee on Public Health saw the need to legalize the use of Cannabidiol as a medicine for the sick in pain.

With reference to other sixteen U.S states like Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, New York and Idaho that have legalized CBD; it was inevitable for Texas to follow suit.

The Senate panel voted 7-1 and the House panel voted 8-1 to move the companion bills onto a full vote by the two chambers.

Statistics showed that nearly 150,000 Texans are affected by intractable seizures. This brought unending smiles in the faces of many Texans hearing such great news. Below is a testimony from a Texan that has used Cannabidiol in curing her daughter’s chronic health condition; Pediatric Lymphoma (childhood cancer).

Sandra Hart’s journey with Pediatric Lymphoma

I first noticed some disturbing signs when my daughter got sick in mid-September 2014. My daughter started experiencing frequent cases of fever, arm pain and mobility difficulties. This continued from September to sometime in December that I had to take her to the physician for some tests, which later came out with inconclusive results as to what was causing such symptoms. Doctors proffered treating my daughter despite not knowing the diagnosis; it was a very bad experience because this left my daughter in constant pain.

 On December 30, 2014, my daughter was diagnosed of anaplastic large cell lymphoma. I knew it right within me that my daughter had chances of survival hence my astounding speed to get the best result. Chemotherapy of 52 weeks was proposed by the physician, which we quickly keyed in. As the chemotherapy was going on with my daughter, I started seeking for alternative treatment options online, until I came across a success story on the use of Cannabidiol oil in the cure of cancer; I immediately agreed to try it. My daughter’s case worsened the more even with the large stomach tumor, and was placed on morphine drip to reduce her pains.

I decided to take her to Alaska for a proper cannabis treatment on 10 January 2015. The chemotherapy treatment could not be avoided because the laws prevented such possibility; the doctor could only reduce the weeks to 16 weeks instead of the 52 weeks that was proposed by the other physician in Texas. After the first two weeks of treatment, I noticed a great improvement on my daughter; her hair stopped falling off and she started eating better.

On February 25, 2015, my daughter was pronounced in remission. I know I expected quick improvement but not that fast, especially with the stomach tumor. This is the wonders of cannabis oil. I will continue to use it to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy at this my daughter’s last stage of chemotherapy. Thank you for legalizing the use of Cannabidiol in Texas, I’m very happy hearing this news.



The story above is just one of the examples of Cannabidiol at work.

CBD-rich cannabis is used for a variety of serious and incurable diseases such as cancer, because such conditions can respond poorly to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. It is very helpful in the treatment of cancer and equally helps in reducing pains and side effects of cancer treatment.

The testimonies of CBD on the cure of many chronic diseases ranging from CNS injuries, mood disorders, psychiatric illnesses and neurological diseases; is enormous. Patients with inflammatory disorders are relieved with CBD-rich cannabis medicines. Patients using 4:1 CBD-to-THC suffer from less discomfort with elevated levels of energy and mood stability. Patients using the 2:1 CBD-to-THC ratio experience an overall wellbeing in health because of the therapeutic ability of CBD in human system.

As far back as 2013, CNN aired a story about a baby named Charlotte, the story recorded that the baby was normal at birth but suddenly started experiencing Seizures of around 300 grand mal in a single week.  Her parents started adding CBD oil in her daily routine and for the first week, they experienced an 80% reduction in the number of seizures.  Another progress that was recorded was her laughter, which was lost immediately the seizures started. The baby was shown playing happily with all smiles. The wonders of CBD motivated the parents into sharing their story with CNN to help other children that are experiencing seizures and chronic epilepsy.

CBD has many medical benefits as seen above and this is why many states are changing their cannabis policy and introducing pro-CBD legislative initiatives.

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