Medics for pets


See what our customers have to say about this “natural” supplement!

“I am a retired service dog. I have worked and played all my life but time is catching up with me! My mom started using Medics Premium Hemp Oil and I feel like I could run for miles!”
10 yr old
Golden Retriever

“My mom passed away suddenly and a new family took me in. I had started to have a lot of trouble walking and I always wanted to sleep. My new mom gave me the great Medics Hemp Oil and for the first time I could walk the whole block. It was great to get out and not have just lay in grass and watch all the other dogs. I even got a few burst of energy to play and my “new” mom was just amazed”.
13 yr old
Newfoundland Landseer

“I spent the first 5 years of my life as a fighting dog. When I came into my new home I was always afraid of everything. My new dad did not want to give me anxiety medicine because he didnt like all the side effects. He decided to try CBD Oil caplets and they worked. My fears were gone and I could go out and play like a real dog!
6 yr old
American Pit Bull