Premium CBD Hemp Extract – Mint


Premium CBD Hemp Extract – Mint

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  • Available in Mint and Orange Flavor.
  • Comes in 2000 mg packaging
  • Easy to carry and easy to travel with
  • 100 % Lab Tested
  • Pure, organic and no added artificial preservatives
All of our wellness products are lab-tested for quality and purity.
To verify Please Check our Third Party Lab test results.

How to Use

Just pour the Hemp extract drops according to your requirement under your tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow.  

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CBD has some magical effects on your body and mind. With amazing stress-relieving effects, it can keep your entire body calm and relaxed. While you might not be able to feel the difference in just a single day of usage, you will start seeing the difference after incorporating CBD in your diet within a couple of days of usage.

The best way to add CBD to your everyday meal is to add a few drops of the best CBD oil to your daily routine. Let us now have a closer look at the numerous benefits that the best CBD oil has on your body.

Benefits of CBD oil:

Some of the numerous benefits of CBD oil include:

1- Reduce anxiety and depression: Some of the least spoken amidst problems are mental health problems. Countless people around the world suffer from anxiety and depression and are too scared to talk about it.

The solution to these mental health issues has typically been meditation, therapy, and the usage of prescription drugs. The problem with these is that meditation and therapy might take a long time to yield results, whereas prescription drugs often have several side effects, including agitation. What more? These drugs are often very addictive and might also lead to substance abuse.

Numerous studies have linked the usage of CBD oil to reducing anxiety and depression. Due to its stress-relieving abilities, CBD has also been linked to treating insomnia and PTSD. CBD helps to stimulate serotonin in the brain. This, in turn, helps deal with all these mental illnesses.

2- Could help improve heart health: Some of the recent studies have shown us that CBD can help reduce high blood pressure. With its ability to lower blood pressure in humans, CBD can help reduce common heart diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attacks.

This could also prevent other diseases such as strokes and metabolic syndrome that are also closely connected to high blood pressure.

With its fantastic healing capabilities and anti-inflammatory properties, cell death resulting from heart-related diseases can be significantly reduced.

3- Reduces acne: Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that can be found in many people around the world. This is caused due to the accumulation of sebum, which acts as a base for bacterias to breed on.

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD brings to the table, the overproduction of sebum is avoided. Consequently, bacteria build-up does not happen. This, in turn, prevents acne.

4- Used to treat cancer-related symptoms: Treatment for cancer includes Chemotherapy. This is used to kill the tumor cells. However, during Chemotherapy, problems such as nausea, vomiting, and overall pain, are things one would have to deal with.

While you are given medications to deal with these symptoms, sometimes they don’t work as expected. One of the natural ways to deal with these symptoms is to use CBD.

CBD has been known to reduce nausea and vomiting. Another great benefit is the usage of the best CBD oil for pain. CBD helps your body relax and heal quickly, thereby relieving the pain caused due to Chemotherapy.

5- Reduces pain: You might have seen many athletes using the best CBD oil for pain. The system responsible for various functions, such as inducing sleep, relieving stress, and pain, is the endocannabinoid system.

Our body produces endocannabinoid transmitters that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system. This is responsible for all the transmission of pain.

Studies have shown that CBD interacts and impacts the endocannabinoid activity in our bodies. Thus, helping reduce inflammation and pain in general. This is why many prefer to use the best CBD oil for pain over pain killer drugs.

How to use CBD oil?

Using CBD oil is pretty straightforward. Unlike the old days where CBD did not have any flavors, the CBD oils that you buy on Medics Inc. have added flavors that makes it incredibly refreshing for you to use it.

Using the dripper, you can place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds. Swallow the oil once this period passes. To see the effects of CBD oil, it might take up to 20-30 minutes.

Once the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects kick in, you will see effects lasting for 6 to 8 hrs. Once you start using CBD regularly, you will start seeing more long-lasting results. Another contributor to CBD oil’s lasting effects is the quality of the CBD oil that you use. By choosing CBD oil from Medics Inc, you can be sure of the CBD oil quality you receive.

What makes Medics Inc CBD oil unique?

At Medics Inc, we prefer to bring you products that we would use first. Hence, we ensure that the quality of the end CBD oil that reaches you is the best. The purest quality of CBD oil is produced when the entire process involved in producing the oil itself is closely monitored.

What makes our oil the best CBD oil is the amount of care that brings you purest CBD oil. Right from the point of choosing the hemp seeds to the entire process of extracting CBD from the fully grown plant, everything is very closely monitored.

We are one of the very few CBD manufacturers to use high-quality Colorado seeds to grow our hemp plants. Unlike the other seeds, the Colorado hemp seeds are of very high quality and are known to produce some of the best quality yields.

In addition to the high-quality hemp seeds, we also use fully organic soil to grow all the crops. By using organic soil, we ensure that there are no harmful chemical-based fertilizers in the final crop. The complete organic-based farming also ensures that the quality of the end-product does not deteriorate.

To top things off, there is no use of any harmful chemical-based pesticides during the entire process of farming the hemp plants. With complete chemical-free crops, the final crop that will be used to extract CBD from will be free from any artificial chemicals.

Growing a high-quality hemp plant is just half of the process. This crop contains several active chemicals, and we still need to extract CBD from it. There are two different ways that one can extract CBD from the hemp plant.

One of the simplest ways is by using ethanol-based solvents to do it. However, this would mean that CBD is dissolved in another chemical from which it would then need to be extracted. Since we stand by our word of not using any other chemicals in our products, we prefer to use the second technique of CBD extraction.

The second method of CBD extraction is to make use of the CO2 extraction technique. With the CO2 extraction technique, there is no degradation to CBD’s quality that is extracted from the crop.

From the time we grow the hemp crop to even the time we extract CBD from the entire plant, there is no usage of chemicals. This ensures that the quality of the extracted CBD is not degraded.

Till this point, everything is under our control. However, in a rear scenario, the quality of the extracted CBD might still be impacted. This is why we make sure that all CBD that we manufacture is done in batches.

Every single batch goes to a third-party lab for another round of quality checks. Only after this lab verifies the quality of the extracted CBD will it be packaged and available to purchase.

If any of our products don’t qualify the quality check by the third-party lab, then the entire batch is rejected and never makes it out to your house. This is how we ensure that we ship only the best CBD oil for you.

To make things even better, we do not add any preservatives to our CBD oil. Even without the preservatives, the CBD oil has a good shelf life, which ensures that the product does not go bad once you open it.

Different types of CBD oil:

Medics Inc. is your one-stop destination to buy any CBD oil online. While we provide you with a wide range of CBD oils for you to consume directly, we also create CBD oil that can be used for other purposes.

One product that you might find very hard to find elsewhere is the unique CBD vape oil that we have to offer. The best part about the CBD vape oil that you can find on our website is that it comes in four different flavors.

Common FAQs

1- Can you use CBD oil for pain relief?

A- CBD oil is not the replacement for your prescription pain relief drugs. This means that you cannot replace morphine with CBD. CBD does, however, play an essential role in altering the pain signals. This is why it is widely known for its healing and pain-relieving properties. This is why many people prefer to use CBD oil to relieve pain resulting due to exercise.

2- How do I know the source of the CBD oil?

A- When you buy CBD oil online, it is imperative to know the source of CBD oil. While purchasing it from your local dispensary, you might not have the time to research the source and validate its authenticity. When you buy CBD oil online, you have the luxury of time to research the source of the oil. With this environment not wholly regulated. While there are several good quality CBD manufacturers out there, many are manufactured using chemicals and solvents. So, by choosing to buy your CBD oil online, you will be able to ensure that you are getting the CBD from a trusted source.

3- Why is Medics Inc CBD oil the best CBD oil?

A- Many factors combined make the Medics Inc. CBD oil is the best CBD oil. What sets us apart from the rest is the source of our hemp seeds. Not many manufacturers have access to Colorado hemp seeds, which are known to produce some of the best hemp plants.

When combined with completely organic soil and solvent-free extraction of CBD from the fully grown hemp plant, this makes our CBD one of the purest and one of the most potent in the Market. To ensure that the quality is not degraded, we further run another round of tests to check the quality of CBD oil by sending it to a third-party lab. You can also check the certificate of authenticity on the product page on our website. Only after the quality is verified the CBD oil makes it into the final bottles that you receive when you order with us.

4- What is the best use of CBD oil?

A- This is one of the things that vary from person to person. CBD has been known to relieve numerous conditions, and many people use CBD oil to improve their sleep or even reduce stress. Some also use CBD to boost their body’s recovery process. One of the most popular usages of CBD is to deal with anxiety and PTSD issues. So, depending on your needs, CBD can be used to deal with numerous conditions.

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2000mg, 1000mg, 500mg, 250mg

2 reviews for Premium CBD Hemp Extract – Mint

  1. Chris Ryans

    Was recommended by a friend and I took the 500mg dose twice a day for a week. I had some joint pain and after the first week it started feeling a lot better. I could play squash without pain again. Definitely would recommend it!

  2. Oliver Jhonson

    I used this for my anxiety and it worked great. It also tastes good.

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