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Rapid Release Gels – (Qty. 30) – 750mg


Rapid Release Gels – (Qty. 30) – 750mg

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Same great CBD formulation only in a convenient soft gel

  • 30 CBD Soft gels contain 25mg of CBD in each soft gel.
  • THC Free
  • Easy for travelers (Travel-Friendly)
  • From the organically grown seeds
All of our wellness products are lab-tested for quality and purity.
To verify Please Check our Third Party Lab test results.

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Carrying CBD oil every day is inconvenient. For those traveling now and then, it becomes strenuous. Additionally, getting the right volume of CBD oil without fail is difficult. Sometimes you might end up consuming more, and sometimes you might end up consuming less. Luckily, we have you covered over here.

With our CBD capsules, you can be sure of the quantity of CBD you consume every time. CBD oil capsules are nothing but soft gel capsules filled with CBD oil. These capsules can be consumed with water. The outer get dissolves in your stomach releasing all the CBD oil that is enclosed within. This CBD oil then works towards relieving stress pain, or any other health benefits that it has to offer.

Why should you choose Medics Inc CBD capsules?

With our CBD oil capsules, you can be sure of the quantity of CBD oil that you consume regularly. Here are some of the numerous health benefits that consuming CBD capsules has:

1- Pain relief: CBD has been used as a natural pain reliever for quite some time. Due to its interaction with the pain receptors in our body, consuming CBD oil regularly has proven to be very beneficial.

As Medics Inc. produces only 100% natural CBD oil, all our CBD capsules are chemical-free, and you will not have any adverse effects by incorporating them into your diet.

2- Stress-free lifestyle: CBD oil has been known for its ability to relieve stress in the human body. It is the natural remedy for anxiety attacks as well. It is also widely known to relieve PTSD attacks.

Due to its ability to relieve your mood, any stressful condition would seem better if you have incorporated CBD oil capsules in your diet. Due to its stress-relieving properties, CBD oil is also used to prevent insomnia and improve sleep during the night.

3- Healthier lifestyle: CBD is a very rich source of vitamin, protein, and contains all 20 amino acids that our bodies need. This means that by consuming CBD capsules regularly, you provide your body with all the essential amino acids and vitamins daily. This could only mean that your overall health is only going to improve.


With lasting effects on both your body and your mind, CBD oil capsules work miracles in your body, and you will be able to see the changes within a few days of using it.

Choose the best CBD capsules in the Market.

The main problem with choosing CBD capsules is that there are so many manufacturers out there, but not all of them follow the best practices. If you do not buy from the right manufacturer, you might end up paying for CBD oil that contains pesticides and also solvents. This is the kind of CBD oil that can have side effects on your body.

By choosing Medic Inc CBD oil capsules, you are sure to receive the best quality CBD in the Market. Right from the source of our hemp seeds to the extraction of oil from the fully grown plant, we ensure that the quality of manufacturing is maintained throughout.

With completely organic CBD oil with no added preservatives, you can forget about any side effects that you might be concerned about. To make things even better, we also attach a certificate of quality assurance issued by a third-party lab to our products. This certificate is updated regularly based on the batch of CBD products currently being sold. Hence, assuring that you receive the best quality CBD capsules when you order through our website.

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