Common Misconceptions about Medical Cannabis

Ever since coming into the public’s attention, marijuana has faced stigma. Many people are reluctant to use medical cannabis because of the negative feedback within our culture. Thankfully, there is a lot of progress being made and individuals are growing to be more educated on the benefits of cannabis. Whether you are unsure or not about whether you should take advantage of the amazing benefits of medical marijuana, allow us some time to debunk some of the common misconceptions of this wonder drug.

1. Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

It is difficult to remove this stigma from marijuana because it is the most prevalent of all of the myths. Individuals who believe this think that marijuana enables users to begin the path down the slippery slope that leads to injecting heroin. Although there can be a correlation between marijuana use and other drugs, correlation is not the same as cause. Although some people who use marijuana also use harder drugs, most cannabis users will not move on to stronger substances.

2. Marijuana is Highly Addictive

Most people who use marijuana are not and do not become addicted. In fact, only 9 percent of users have become dependent on the drug. Compare this to 23 percent of individuals who have experienced heroin and 17 percent of individuals who use cocaine, 9 percent isn’t a high number. In fact, cigarettes are more addictive, reaching upwards of 30 percent. In other words, marijuana addiction is largely overestimated.

3. Cannabis Makes People Stupid and Lazy

Just as alcohol doesn’t make everyone who takes a sip a sufferer of cirrhosis with a beer belly, cannabis use does not instantly make you a couch potato eating… potato chips. Although some studies have been released that suggest lower levels of dopamine can occur in individuals who regularly use cannabis, little evidence supports a true cannabis induced lack of motivation syndrome. There are certainly not enough studies to prove this and if you look around at cannabis users, you will likely find many motivated, brilliant people in the mix. Some individuals are just lazy by nature.

4. It Causes Violence

Since the 1930s, criminality and marijuana have been thought to coexist. Without sure evidence, the general public has seen cannabis as being a drug that induces violent crime.

The truth is, the fact that marijuana has been an illegal drug is the main culprit for any violence surrounding the substance. Because there is no regulation, traffickers have nowhere else to turn if a trade goes wrong than violence. There is minimal evidence that actually suggests that cannabis causes violent behavior.

5. Cannabis Alters Your Brain Severely

Weed isn’t only misunderstood when it comes to addiction and public safety. Stories also swarm about marijuana’s negative effects on the brain. This is another thought that is highly exaggerated.

Although marijuana users’ brains have been found in studies to be different from non-users’ brains, no study has ever found that the source of these differences is in fact marijuana. On the contrary, many studies have actually spoken against this school of thought.

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