The birth of CBD industry in Northern California with the help of Schaeffer’s solar power

 When the pioneer of solar energy, John Schaeffer, sold his first photovoltaic panel to a retail U.S customer in the year 1978 in Mendocino County, he never imagined that he was about launching a great defense against the war on drugs.

Why blame an innocent man that was only interested in the success of his new business in Willits, California?

He called his business “the Real Goods eco-store” and specialized in solar power equipments, different irrigation systems, organic fertilizer and tools that made sustainable living easier.

During the late 1970s, farmers in Mendocino were all turning into marijuana cultivation to make ends meet. The solar power provided by Real Goods enhanced their marijuana cash crop business, which was an illegal type of business.

With the fruitful symbiosis between the farmers and solar power movement in Northern California, “Cannabidiol became the new and up-and-coming thing”, Schaeffer explained. This was how Schaeffer’s solar power aided the emergence of an indigenous Cannabidiol industry in Northern California as far back as late 1970s.

Northern California Cannabidiol industry and U.S DEA

The American Drug enforcement Administration is disturbed by the scale of domestic marijuana cultivation in Northern California as a “source nation” for illicit drugs.

As far back as the late 1980s, the federal government set its gun sights laws on the burgeoning cannabidiol industry in the Emerald Triangle, which turned the once-tranquil territory into a combat zone. A federal funded Campaign Against Marijuana Planting was formed, abbreviated as “CAMP”. All these happened during President Reagan’s time as was written about in Thomas Pynchon’s book titled “Vineland”.

These increased the risks of marijuana farmers in Northern California but they charged and got more for their product. Cultivating Cannabidiol was just too profitable to forsake and many folks couldn’t help but grow it. No matter what the DEA did, Cannabidiol couldn’t go away, “there was no stopping to this” Schaeffer said.

California voters in 1996 passed 215 propositions for the legalization of medical marijuana in the Golden state.

The picture became clearer to Schaeffer. In his words “the horse is about to get out of the barn, prohibition days are numbered”. This resulted to the back-to-the-land rebellion in Northern California.

Northern California set to legalize Cannabidiol for adult use in 2016 (the rebellion just paid-off).

Cannabidiol has many medical benefits ranging from its non-psychoactive ability (it combats psychosis disorders), to its antiemetic ability (reduces nausea and vomiting). Cannabidiol equally has anticonvulsant ability (it suppresses seizure activity), anti-cancer/anti-tumor ability (it combats the cancer and tumor cells), anti-inflammatory ability, anti-oxidant ability (it combats neurodegenerative disorders) and anxiolytic/anti-depressant ability (it combats depression and anxiety). The medical benefits of Cannabidiol cannot be over-emphasized with its reduction on the effects of THC.

Currently, a law has been passed to legalize Cannabidiol for adults in Northern California in the forth-coming year 2016. With this news, it simply means that Schaeffer’s efforts has come to stay in Northern California because, “Real Goods” is presently sponsoring the launch of EMERALD PHARMS, the world’s first solar powered medical marijuana dispensary, which will open next month in Hopland, California.

This is how cannabidiol is quickly changing the debate around the use of marijuana as a medicine for good reasons. Cannabidiol is free from any side effect as a compound found in marijuana unlike the chemical THC, which has psychoactive ability and other negative side effects.

The current stand of U.S Government on cannabidiol products

The Cannabidiol industry in U.S is growing largely to the level that you don’t even need a M.M. card to buy any of the cannabidiol products. Many of the states in U.S has largely accommodated cannabidiol products because of their medical benefits, hence their current mute expression on whether it is still illegal or legal. They also found out that cannabidiol is not only gotten from marijuana but, can also be gotten from other hemp products.

This is where the cannabidiol industry is today!

We are hoping to hear that the American Government has officially legalized the use of Cannabidiol products in the open, although its products are sold openly in some states in U.S.

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